About the Original Oil Paintings

These beautiful and striking oil paintings are created from real life settings, on location (en plein air), or from real life interiors, or from studio set-ups. They are generally painted on panel, for durability, or, in the case of paintings created while traveling abroad, on primed linen, later mounted to panel. They are framed in various mouldings from the country's leading manufacturers of picture frame mouldings; each frame is matched to the painting to enhance the beauty of the painting. These paintings will last for generation after generation.

The oil paintings are sold exactly as pictured, although in a few cases the painting is pictured without its frame. The price includes shipping and handling. A surcharge must be added for international shipping: these charges will be ascertained on a case by case basis.

The measurements given for each painting refer to the size of the actual painting itself. With the frame, of course, the paintings are a little larger.

Few things one can buy are as meaningful and rewarding as an original painting.